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Fusion holds an extensive library of previous transactions  in its proprietary database of deals over the last decade and an unmatched awareness of the current pricing strategies in the marketplace.

The data is not just based on Fusion's 100 transactions, but also the contents of FusionDiginet.com, Fusion's international deals database.

We are able to provide current or even historic valuations for a variety of circumstances including;

  • valuation of a company, asset or division,
  • share option pricing,
  • the buy-out of a minority or majority shareholder,
  • goodwill valuation for banks and leasing companies, and
  • capital gains tax issues.

Fusion Live

Fusion publishes FusionDiginet, a record of deals and key news across its sectors. FusionDiginet is available daily, weekly or monthly, please visit http://www.fusiondiginet.com to subscribe or follow us on Twitter at #FusionDigiNet.