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Selling your business

Selling your business is a complicated and difficult process. During this time it is critically important that your business continues to perform well. Fusion will manage all the details of the process allowing you and your managers to continue driving your business.

Once appointed, Fusion will organise the sales process into set stages, keeping you in control at all times. Our relationships in the sector enable business sales to be handled as confidentially as possible, minimising the risk for embarrassing leaks either internally or to competitors.

Fusion provides a service, from appointment to completion and will coordinate the full process. This will include:

  • any initial legal and financial review in advance of due diligence,
  • preparation of the introductory Initial Presentation document (‘IP'),
  • development of a list of potential purchasers;
  • preparation of the detailed Information memorandum ('IM'),
  • submission of the IM and an NDA (non Disclosure) and co-ordinating prospective buyer meetings,
  • auction,
  • handling negotiations with prospective acquirers,
  • management of accounting, legal, tax, insurance and commercial due diligence,
  • leading to completion.

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