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Values / Our Approach

Whether acting on the sell-side or the buy-side Fusion remains fully involved throughout the process until completion and where necessary beyond. Providing a full service throughout this lengthy process is critical. From negotiating through to due diligence we orchestrate the process in conjunction with your legal and accounting advisers.

Unlike many other advisers Fusion really goes the extra mile to ensure a tailored service throughout the process for our clients.

We also take confidentiality very seriously; leaks if they occur can be damaging to the business. Whilst an NDA is secured in all cases, Fusion's unique personal relationships with most of the buyers in it's  sectors over the last 24 years and constant ongoing dealings with them helps considerably to prevent leaks.

Our advice is based on the experience we have gained in c.100 transactions.

As our clients will vouch we will work very closely with you to alleviate the stress of the often complex and draining process. Our central role reduces management distraction enabling you and your team to concentrate on delivering results.

We would be delighted to confidentially introduce you to anyone of our portfolio of clients so that you can hear a frank assessment of Fusion and the process.

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Fusion publishes FusionDiginet, a record of deals and key news across its sectors. FusionDiginet is available daily, weekly or monthly, please visit http://www.fusiondiginet.com to subscribe or follow us on Twitter at #FusionDigiNet.