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Corporate Divestitures

Fusion has an unrivalled awareness of the players in your sector, their chemistry and potential interest in acquisitions. And, unlike a generalist adviser, Fusion will have direct contacts with the decision-makers.

Fusion provides a complete corporate divestiture service, from appointment to completion and will coordinate the full process, if required.

In addition, Fusion have experience in handling the delicate balance between an MBO team and the trade sale route, an issue that often arises in larger divestiture work where the size of the division attracts institutions and other MBI candidates.

Our relationships in the sector enable divestitures to be handled as confidentially as possible, minimising the risk for embarrassing internal leaks.

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Fusion publishes FusionDiginet, a record of deals and key news across its sectors. FusionDiginet is available daily, weekly or monthly, please visit http://www.fusiondiginet.com to subscribe or follow us on Twitter at #FusionDigiNet.